Refugee Support Subcommittee 



A dedicated group of members and attenders who believe refugees worldwide are our brothers and sisters.   As part of our family, we must remember them and assist them in their effort to find a home that affords dignity and hope.

Started in 2016, as a response to the Syrian crisis, they have raised over $75,000 for the UNHCR Cash Assistance Program.

Holiday Fundraiser -- October 17 - November 28 -- to support local Afghan refugees

All donations will be sent to HIASPA for their work to resettle and support local Afghan refugees.  Please check out their website - https://hiaspa.org   
Write your check to Gwynedd Meeting with “Refugee Support” on the memo line.  Envelopes to mail or to drop in the lockbox by the office are available on a table by the display.  You can then choose a handmade thank you gift from the display in the quilt foyer.  Peanut butter & birdseed covered pine cones, Carol Shearon’s photo note cards, cloth gift bags, and other Christmas decorations will be available.

Support Refugee Families - Make a Donation & Get a Gift


Arthur D'Adamo, 12/17/2020