A very warm welcome

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Quakers . . . a religion meaningful for today's world.
We welcome seekers and believers of all faiths as fellow members of God's universal community.
Friends believe in the presence of the Light of God in everyone, direct communion with the Divine, and continuing revelation.

Gather with us in silence to seek and deepen our spirituality through prayer and meditation, to quiet the superficial chatter in our minds, calm our hearts, and seek the source of love and divine truth in our life—that still small voice.

We worship without prearranged service, without clergy, minister, rabbi, or priest.

One may be moved to stand and share a message, deepening our worship.

Come and join us at one of our
Sunday Meeting for Worship services. Experience the presence of God in our times of worship. Meeting for Worship is one hour, usually followed by light hospitality.  You will be made very welcome.