Care and Counsel Committee


The Care and Counsel committee provides pastoral care, nurture, and counsel to the members and attenders of Gwynedd Friends Meeting. We also handle arrangements for membership and marriage.

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2021 Julie Ann La Pointe

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2021 Nancy Heers
Pastoral Care, Nurture and Counsel Since traditional Friends’ Meetings do not have clergy to care for the pastoral needs of members, they draw on resources from among their membership. At Gwynedd, as at many other Monthly Meetings, a Care & Counsel Committee meets these needs in the community. Members of this committee encourage attenders to join Meeting activities, facilitate the membership process when appropriate, oversee marriages and attend to general pastoral needs of the community.

As part of the nurturing of members, attenders, and visitors; we greet visitors to Meeting for Worship; provide pamphlets about Quakerism; keep the meeting directory up to date; and write announcements in the monthly meeting newsletter. From time to time, we meet with other committees of the Meeting to work on problems of joint concern.
  • Members of this committee want to know when you or another Friend is ill, injured, or have a death in the family. We will work with you to provide you with the support you need.
  • Are you going through a difficult or stressful period in your life? Let us know and we will form a support committee of two or three people to work with you.
  • Are you at a crossroads and need help discerning the right path? Friends can ask for a clearness committee for personal discernment to help them reach a decision.To get in touch, speak to or email a committee member directly or fill out a request card from the facing bench in the meetinghouse. Either email it to a C&C member or drop it into one of the two Care and Counsel boxes located below the bulletin board just outside the kitchen or the one in the Worship room.

Meeting Membership Any visitor to Gwynedd Meeting is welcome to return to worship with us as a regular attender. Attenders wanting to apply for membership in Gwynedd Meeting should make a formal request to the clerk of the Meeting as outlined in Faith and Practice. The clerk refers the request to the Care and Counsel committee. We form a subcommittee to meet with the attender to seek clearness about membership as well as a subcommittee to welcome the attender to membership..

Marriage Couples intending marriage under the care of the Meeting write to the clerk of the Meeting, who refers the request to the Care and Counsel committee. A subcommittee is formed to meet with the couple as they seek clearness about their marriage. If the way is clear for the marriage to proceed, a marriage oversight committee is appointed to help plan the wedding. This committee will continue to care for the marriage in the years to come. Couples should send their request at least six months prior to their desired wedding date.    

Financial Aid Friends who need financial aid for school or other needs can apply to this committee. Funds are available as grants, while some are given as loans by completing the Request for Educational Aid form (with other documents as necessary) and submitting to the clerk of Care & Counsel.

Present Clerk: Carol Shearon 

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