Guidelines for Updating the Website

Email the Webmaster (see Contacts/Direction page) with updated content as described below.
How to update content

  • The Word document for changes must be in final-edit form and ready for insertion into the website. The Webmaster does not edit. If you would like your Word document to be edited, you may send the text to one of the Site Editors (see Contacts/Direction page) before you send it to the webmaster. 
  • Send any images as a separate file, for example, as a *.png or *.jpg file.
  • Specify the location of the web page(s) to be changed. For example, the Coffeehouse page.
  • If specifying an event, also specify when the event should be removed from the website.

Editing suggestions

  • The Word document should use no indentation, have a single line space between paragraphs, and a single space between sentences.
  • Identify specific insertion points for replacement text.
  • Indicate where images should be placed.